The Future, Now

Help bring the 5G Revolution to your community.

5G networks are poised to revolutionize how we live, learn, work and play — just as roads and electric grids did more than a century ago. From self-driving cars to smart cities to telemedicine, 5G technology will bring us the future faster. 
But only if we build it.

See Your Future: 5G, Explained

1G gave us mobile phones and 2G brought text messaging. 3G put the internet in our pockets and 4G made it fast enough for mobile apps.

But 5G isn’t just the next G in your phone
— it’s something bigger.


What’s possible on a 5G network?

Let's 5G

Immersive VR and AR experiences to elevate distance learning.

Let's 5G

Visit your doctor without leaving home, with life-like virtual visits and remote care.

Let's 5G

Stress less with Smart City breakthroughs, from reduced traffic to safer neighborhoods.

Let's 5G

Load apps and sites faster than you can blink with potentially up to 20X faster download speeds.

Let's 5G

Get emergency help quicker, with first responders sharing vital information essentially in real-time.

Let's 5G

5G will help enable transformative mobile services like self-driving cars.

5G will be a game changer helping us usher in a new wave of progress and innovation.

–Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner