Help Us Build Momentum

Elected officials across America are making key decisions that will directly affect access to ultra-fast 5G wireless service for you and your neighbors. It’s critical they hear from you immediatelyTell your lawmakers that you want the 5G future for your community today!

Here are just a few things 5G can do for business:

  • Near real-time remote collaboration in virtual environments designed for teams to solve business challenges
  • Immersive training using VR and AR headsets connected to super-fast, ultra-low lag data connections
  • Connected autonomous vehicles that help people and products get to their destinations sooner
  • Sensor-enabled manufacturing linking all stages of production virtually simultaneously to improve quality and efficiency
  • Drive $500 Billion in economic growth
Let's 5G

“I support the immediate rollout of 5G wireless service in our community because of the benefits it will deliver today and the breakthroughs it will enable tomorrow.”